Fall Season Updates

  • All rosters are currently full for the fall season. We are accepting registrations for the winter season
  • Rostered players do NOT need to register as a sub
  • Non-rostered players may register as a sub using the Register Now link below


Stat Dashboard



Survey Results

Six months ago, we conducted a survey to get feedback from all of you to see areas where you thought the league was excelling and areas where you thought the league could improve. We received responses from over 50 percent of the league's players! The FMHL Leadership Team is very appreciate of the feedback and we are taking steps to make changes which we believe will positively impact the league. To see a full summary of the results, click the link below.

Survey Results

Website Updates

We have been working hard in the offseason to make improvements to the website so that you can get access to the data you've requested. One of the biggest changes we made was a change to the subbing process which will require filling out a form rather than sending an email to the Sub Coordinator. Click the link below for a complete summary of these updates.

Website Updates

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